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Friday, May 25, 2012

First Weekend Of Summer

I'm at a loss. As most of you know I always start this blog off with a video. Well not always, since blogspot allowed youtube videos, before that it was lyrics to a song that began each posting. As you already surmised, this post is starting with out either. I have written blogs that have pushed my imagination to find the right song or video but that is not the problem here. The thing about today's blog is that I am writing about Memorial Day weekend and I have too many things to write about. First and foremost it's Memorial Day. The one day a year when we remember the people that have servered our country and have passed away. Veterans day you say, but I always feel that veterans day is for the living. Either way, it's kind of sad that we only think about our military personnel on two of 365 days. So I should have started with a patriotic song. Whitney Houston's version of the Star Spangled Banner. Maybe a nice Sousa march, very military. Since most of us will be forgetting the reason behind the day and focus on a three day weekend some other music might go just as well. Since Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer how about a little Beach Boys. Here's the question about that, do kids today still think of The Beach Boys as summer music? Since 1978 the Irish Festival in East Durham has been a main stay of the Irish community from New York City to Syracuse and beyond. Great and some not so great bands have played the stages in the little town in the "Irish Alps". So a video from one of the bands might go well. A video of The Brothers Flynn, or Shilelagh Law is always a nice touch, I am leaving for Boston this afternoon to go to a Red Sox game. Yes, you read that right, a Red Sox game. I am a baseball fan, Fenway Park is the oldest baseball stadium in the country, some of my best friends are Red Sox fans. maybe if I keep giving reasons I will talk myself into liking the idea. Seriously, I have been to Fenway before and it's a great place to see a game. I am going with a few friends and it will be a great night of fun and laughs. Most importantly, GO RAYS!!. So what music? Carley Simon has a fantastic version of Take Me Out To The Ballgame, and she's from Boston, I think. Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline bum bum bum (read This song sucks) would be appropriate. I'm leaning towards Dropkick Murphy's Shipping Up To Boston, I mean it was good enough for Scarsese it should be good enough for here. So......what should I do?


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