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Friday, April 20, 2012


trivia  unimportant, trifling things or details, especially obscure and useless knowledge. — trivial, adj.

Sure that's what the dictionary says about it, I take umbrage at the word unimportant but I understand how some people, mostly academe types, would see trivia as unimportant. Then again I may not know the periodic table but I can tell you what Dudley Do-Right's horse's name is. I have always loved trivia, in eighth grade I scored the highest on a trivia test (actually tied with three others, we got to go out for pizza). So a couple of weeks ago when asked to go to trivia night at a local bar I agreed.
The game was broken down into four rounds, each round had ten questions worth one point each and a bonus question worth three points. At the end of all four rounds you can wager any or all of your points on the final question. The first round of the first night was "twitter" the host read out three names and you had to pick which person had the most followers. This people is unimportant and useless knowledge. The night went on. Another round used fashion as it's category (yes I did know that Vera Wang designed wedding dresses). The third round, music of the 90's. This was not a good night for my useless knowledge. I returned this past week and redemption was mine. The first round category was films. The host read three names and you had to name the movie. The first question, Vivien Leigh, Clark Gable and Leslie Howard. Now if you don't know this answer you should drink up and leave. The hardest question was, Johnny Depp, Ann Heche and Michael Madsen. I didn't get this one and I was kicking myself. Round two was right in my wheel house, TV Theme songs. The host would play a bit of a theme song and you had to name the show. First up, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, named that tune in three notes (oops wrong game), The second was Castle. At this point my team is just looking at me with a strange look. I am on on roll when about question number six plays. Base drums and a slow marching beat. We are all looking at each other then the faces turn to me "well?" at this point I'm thinking maybe the HBO series Rome but I'm not sure when the theme breaks into a voice, "Honey, I'm Home" and the music picks up. I know the show but I can't remember the name. "It has Dinosaurs and a baby Dinosaur . No not cartoon but animated aaaaggghhh". We finish the round with Mrs EK singing along with "Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow "(Baretta) and what I thought the easiest one, Peter Gunn. As we were about to hand in our answer sheet I said, "Write Dinosaurs for number six" . we get the results, the name of the show  was Dinosaurs. The night went on and we didn't win but we did do well. the final question was, In what state, according to creator Matt Groening, do the Simpsons live?
So if you like trivia as much as I do head out to your local watering hole on trivia night and have fun. To get you started here are some questions.

1) Dudley Do-Right's horses name (two correct answers)?
2) What movie, Viven Leigh, Clark Gable, Leslie Howard?
3) What movie, Johnny Depp, Anne Heche, Michael Madsen?
4)What state do the Simpsons live in?
5) What two words in common English end in "gry"?
6) What 1976 chart topping song did Barry Manilow sing but not write?
7)On The TV show "Quincy", What was Dr. Quincy's first name?
8)What is the best selling musical instrument?
9)Name the seven dwarfs?
10) How many movies did John Wayne die in?

answers in the comments section


At 1:21 PM, Blogger Steve said...

1)Horse or Gallant Steed
2)Gone With The Wind
3)Donnie Brasco
5)Hungry, angry
6)I Write the Songs
7)never spoken but his business card says Dr.R.Quincy
9)Happy, Sleepy,Grumpy,Dopey,Sneezey, Bashful and Doc
10) 8, The Alamo,The Cowboys, The Shootest,Sands of Iwo Jima,Wake of the Red Witch, The Fighting Seebees,Reap the Wild Wind, Central Airport


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