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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Easter Week Movies and Carols

Ok, we go through this every Holiday. What makes a day a Holiday? The Saratoga Irish rule of thumb is, a Holiday has movies and carols. This coming Sunday is Easter. Yes, Easter is a Christian Holiday, it has movies, King Of Kings, The Robe, The Passion Of the Christ. It has carols, Here Comes Peter Cottontail and Hot Cross Buns (Alright I know that they are not as good as Christmas Carols but look at it this way, Christmas doesn't have a rock opera ). So Easter fills the requirements although the movies seem to be on the religious side and the carols are on the secular side. Jesus Christ Superstar is in a genre of it's own. Let's try and push the envelope a bit here to make Easter a bigger day than it is. First we need movies. The clip above is from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, although the title reflects the religious side of Easter, the bunny scene and the Trojan rabbit scene play up the secular side. Other movies we could use are, Harvey, how can you have a holiday movie and not use one of Jimmy Stewart's. Truly Harvey is no It's a Wonderful Life but it has Jimmy and a bunny. Watership Down, OK, so not all rabbits can be the Easter Bunny. Rabbit Proof Fence, I've never been to Australia and I'm not sure just how they celebrate Easter but it has rabbit in the title. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, every good holiday movie needs a tag line and how can you not go with, "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way". Last but surly not least, Fatal Attraction, need I say more.
Now for the musical side we must start with Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit. The Magnetic  Fields, Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits,Grass, by The Cat Heads and  The Lemonheads, I Am a Rabbit. Apparently if you have the word head in the name of your band you write about rabbits. Of course it might just be easier to listen to anything by Eddie Rabbitt.
There it is, spend Sunday relaxing eating jelly beans and chocolate bunnys (and peeps!!!) watching Life of Brian and singing What's The Buzz and have a great Holiday.


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