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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Man Candles

So Yankee Candles has a new line of candles just for men, "man candles". What's better than the fresh aroma of cut grass( Riding Mower) or sawdust (2X4)to make your home smell nicer. I understand it but I don't get it. Does Yankee Candle think guys buy candles to enjoy themselves? I thought the idea of candles was to mask the "man" aroma already present. Maybe the idea is for women to buy the man scents for their homes to make guys feel at ease when they come over. As much as I like the smell of a fresh cut lawn, I don't need a candle for it. I like to have a pine scent candle during the Christmas holidays because I prefer a fake tree. Light up a chocolate chip candle when you open the box of store bought cookies when you want to impress a woman with your baking skills. As you read this I'm sure you are thinking of many different candles that might be in Yankee Candles next line. A lot of what I am thinking of have to do with food, bacon would be one, BBQ smoke would be another. So how does a candle company come up with new smells? Do they have someone or a group of people sitting in an office yelling out their favorite smells? Let's try that, new leather, (get your mind out of the gutter) nothing smells as good as the smell of a new baseball glove. Just ask any guy and watch his eyes glaze over in memories of being young and putting that new glove over your face and taking a deep smell. A candle called "Aunt Martha", smells like moth balls. Anyone who played sports in the 70's will know this scent, "Heat", smells like Ben-gay on steroids. "New Car", needs no explanation. "Coffee" (can't believe they don't have this one already), the smells people love to wake up to. "Burning Leaves", remember the fall smell in the air when everyone was out burning leaves. I have a whole list also of smells that would never nor should ever be made into candles. "Genny Cream Ale" is the first one that comes to mind and I'm not talking about the smell of stale beer. "6 Month old Sneakers" aahh just put your nose in and inhale. "Flipper", makes the room smell like a fishing boat. And the list goes on and on. So what makes your list?


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